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Game Preview: Knicks @ Hornets, 2/26/2020


These games are really starting to pile up in the corners. They’re draped over the chair, spilling out of the garbage can. You can’t sit there, you can’t put more trash on top of that heap. Do you ever sit there anymore? Do you even know what day is garbage day? Has New York really seen itself in the mirror lately?

The Knicks (17-40) are in Charlotte tonight to have the Hornets (19-38) sting them in the face. Diamond in the rough point guard Devonte’ Graham sat out their game last night against the Pacers for load management purposes. I suppose that means he’ll dump his excess load in our collective living room.

New York has lost four in a row and is currently on game two of a four-game road trip. Tomorrow the Knicks got the Sixers and Saturday they’ll match nitwits with the Bulls. When they finally get home, the dumb Rockets will be waiting there for them. This could get ugly.

Projected Starters

We’re doomed! Frank Ntilikina has had a groin injury for over a year! Our growing boy spoke to the potato salad of beat reporters, Marc Berman, and basically said that he’ll need as much time to recover from it as he spent dealing with it originally. So whatever that entails, Frank needs to get completely healthy and then he needs to blast a Frank sized hole in the wall and get in that point guard position’s ass.

Despite the idea that Dennis Smith Jr. played well in their previous game against the Rockets, he’ll probably be moving back to the bench in favor of Elfrid Payton. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Mr. Dennis, but I kinda think that’s the wrong move. My priorities are never met. Oh and did you hear Kenny Wooten had surgery on a torn ligament in his left thumb? Yea, probably means no Wooten for the big Knicks this year, sorry to say.

Other than Graham having sat out last night, the Hornets are in good health. Now that he is edging hard, he’ll certainly bust a honey nut on the Knicks tonight.

Keys & Predictions

The return of Devonte’ should help the Hornets pack on some of the scoring and playmaking they couldn’t quite muster without him against the starchy Pacers. The second game in as many nights might be the only thing keeping the Knicks from floating out to sea. The rest of the lineup is just a matter of the Hornets zipping around and shooting plus connecting on more threes than the Knicks.

Cody Zeller vs Taj Gibson:

At least it starts at seven and it’ll be over early enough.

Knicks by -4.

Warm Up Music

If they wanna win on this road trip, they better start to focus deeply so they can thump and rip and shred and bellow.