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Knicks 125, Bulls, 115: Scenes from some fun times for Kevin Knox

Knox back?

Chicago Bulls v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The New York Knicks handled the Chicago Bulls, 125-115, on Saturday at MSG. There wasn’t a whole lot to complain about in this one, but allow me to focus my ire on Elfrid Payton for a moment.

Elf had 10 assists in this game, yet he had one of the shittiest second-half performances I can remember from a Knicks point guard, which is really saying something. He basically froze out teammate RJ Barrett, who led the Knicks in the first half with 17 points on 7-8 shooting. P&T’s own Bootum remarked that he was more willing to pass to the opposing team than to RJ. And when Elf did turn the ball over, you bet your ass he did not bother getting back on defense.

Mike Miller removed Elf from the game immediately after for Frank Ntilikina, who paired up with Mitchell Robinson and Kevin Knox to help stretch the lead out a bit.

Knox had his finest game of the season, with 12 points (7 in the fourth!) to go along with 6 rebounds. He looked like an extremely useful NBA basketball in the second half, which was awesome to see after such a rough season.

As for Mitch, he scored a career-high 23 points to go along with 10 rebounds 2 blocks and 2 assists. He throw a couple of sweet passes, believe it or not.

RJ finished with 19 points, including this magnificent step-back to end the first half.

All in all, a fun time, Payton aside. Recap to come.