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Game Preview: Knicks at Cavs, 2/3/2020

Bobby Portis got to go.

My lord it feels like we’ve watched this game eight or twelve times already this year. I don’t know if there could be a more underwhelming Monday night match up in the NBA. Regardless, here we are, the Knicks (14-36) are in Cleveland to face the Cavs (13-37). I just can’t wait for the return of Elfrid Payton. He’s just a thrilling watch. You feel like every time he’s on the floor, the Knicks nearly have a shot at almost having a chance. He’s the fucking best.

Both of these teams want to trade their best players. Both of these teams stink.

Projected Starters

The Knicks have Julius Randle (quad up), Mitchell Robinson (hammy) and Frank Ntilikina (package) listed as probable. Julius is absolute. With Payton back, a healthy Frank can sit tight on the bench. He’ll never play for the Knicks again. Instead Scott Perry will trade him and both Dallas picks for Emmanuel Mudiay. Whatever. Hitler TV will reign supreme for another four years and then its spawn will take command until we’re all penned up and liquidated.

That’s why I’m announcing my candidacy for president.

Keys & Matchups

The real key is to sit the vets because they are not here long term. It will also keep it so they don’t get hurt. Then play the kids so that they can either sink or swim. Too bad that won’t happen. Maybe the Knicks can make the Cavs lag.

Yea, nah. So I guess just try to take more shots than the Cavs. Frank totally hemmed up Collin Sexton in their last meeting. That would be one way to limit their shots. So it’s safe to assume, the Knicks don’t think that worked.

Toss Dennis Smith Jr. on him. Toss fire on my eyes. Toss the skin off my body.

Warm Up Music

Ayo enough’s enough.