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Marcus Morris has been traded to the Clippers

Knicks get Mo Harkless and some junk back. Cool.

Boston Celtics v LA Clippers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Scott Perry finally got to move Marcus Morris. He wasn’t able to get a king’s ransom in return, but the Clippers never balked at his demands and Perry probably felt like he needed to get something.

At first it sounded like New York might come away with a young Clipper player or two, possibly Terrence Mann and/or Mfiondu Kabengele. That never panned out. Luckily they may have been able to snare another pick out of the Wizards.

It’s unfortunate that the Knicks won’t get one of the Clippers prospects but they do come away with Ukrainian pro Issuf Sanon, who the Wizards drafted in 2018.

Sanon is still just 20 years old and was probably two years away from two years away type of guy. Thats only two years from now at this point, so hop on the hype train while it’s still in the station.

It does sound like the Knicks were able to come away with another pick and it sounds like it’s in the 2023 draft which is when High School prospects are going to be allowed to enter their name in the draft. Commonly referred to as the double draft, there could be a lot of guys that would be one-and-done that jump straight to a professional program.

As for big Mook, he’ll certainly be missed in the locker room and on the floor, but he’s a free agent this off season. So it’s possible the Knicks can waive Bobby Portis and sign Marcus again. Boom-boom. It’s too bad Portis, Elfrid Payton and Allonzo Trier weren’t sent packing but oh well. The new front office will expel them and Frank Ntilikina for a bunch of win-now moves as soon as they figure out who gets the corner office. There ya have it. Good enough job, Scott Perry.