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Game Preview: Knicks @ Pistons, 2/8/2020

Four in a row is too many. Don’t be greedy.

It’s possible the removal of Marcus Morris will make the ball a little less tacky for the Knicks (16-36) and they might be able to rip off a few more wins. Will that extra bit of grease on the chain keep the ball hopping around? In their previous game against Orlando, Mike Miller started a two guard lineup featuring Elfrid Payton and Frank Ntilikina. The latter didn’t play much, but the former had a monumental night against his former team. He’s been on a real tear of late.

Under Miller the Knicks are on a 33-win pace. Most sensible Knick fans anticipated that sort of an outcome when we saw the final roster construction coming into the year, give or take a few wins. So it’s nice to see that they are evening out to about what they ought to be.

Detroit (19-35) has been sliding away all season with the loss of Blake Griffin, Andre Drummond giving up, and despite the resurgence of Derrick Rose. He’s like, better than ever or whatever.

Projected Starters

The Pistons lineup is pretty jumbled with a bunch of injuries and a few new players en route. Derrick Rose is questionable after being out last night (I know what you’re thinking but it was an excused absence). Svi Mykhailiuk clipped his hip and Markieff Morris had the sniffles, they also missed the game in OKC.

I hope Christian Wood is on your fairy tale team ‘cus he’s about to get all the chances to carry the load for Detroit with Drummond gone. Unfortunately for the Knicks, it seems like Wood is ready to embrace the challenge.

He had 27 and 12 boards in their game against the Thunder last night. For the Knicks, it’s not clear what’s going on with the new guy and the sick guys. Seriously, try to read this:

Ah, you’re smart. I bet you know what it says. I’d bet the return of RJ Barrett went well enough and he’ll be back in the starting lineup. Especially with how reluctant the Knicks are to give Frank Ntilikina an extended look.

Keys & Predictions

The Knicks should have the rest advantage to combat the Pistons home court. If Derrick Rose is playing, he might be inclined to stick it to the Knicks because of their strange encounter a few seasons back. Somehow I imagine he’ll be up for it and he’ll be looking to teach Elfrid Payton a lesson to the tune of 35 points 6 rebounds and 6 assists. Rose’s penchant for feeling the ball, will take Christian Wood out of it a little bit and the Knicks bigs will pummel the Pistons on the glass. Four consecutive wins is just too much however.

Knicks by -11.

Warm Up Music

Knicks are actually going for four straight. Pretty crazy.

Hug/bleed the block. Let’s rock.