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Hawks 140, Knicks 135: Scenes from a double overtime gas guzzler

Five is a lot of games to win in a row.

New York Knicks v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In this double overtime loss, the Hawks were just able to outpace the Knicks in the waning moments. New York lost all the cohesion and creativity that brought them back from down 15 in the fourth quarter. It went from an equal opportunity offense, to a feed Julius Randle frenzy. Elfrid Payton tried every which way to get him the ball, but he perpetually ran into a see of bodies in the paint. A valiant effort from the Knicks who very nearly tallied their fifth consecutive win, but came up short.

It all started with Randle literally playing like a man possessed.

Reggie Bullock was putting a little cayenne in the stew early on.

Then Mitchell Robinson had himself a mini dunk fest.


You like crambling? Elfrid shuffled over to the paint and did some.

More cramparts we’ll watch.

No basket? How about I kill you, still no basket? Ok, fine. Whatever. Just shut up. Anyway, the monster cram did not count but it was indeed a clear path foul.

Later in the game RJ Barrett got in on the cram session. Never to be seen again, RJ spent most of the second half on the bench.

So the crams ground down and the Hawks started to fling all types of silly triples in the third. It seemed like the Knicks would put in Bobby Portis, Kevin Knox, Dennis Smith Jr. and just watch their winning streak turn to sand in their fingers. Lot of this sorta thing...

Actually that didn’t look bad. There was however, some downright awful bullshit. No continuity. Just various players deciding to take over random possessions and they all backfired horrendously.

Thankfully Wayne Ellington kept his hot shooting rocking with some timely hoops to keep the Knicks within reach.

Then Elfrid came back to life and it seemed like the Knicks were going to win in a photo finish.

Sadly New York tried to close the door two possessions too soon in the first overtime and the momentum switched back to the Hawks as Trae Young helped Atlanta swoop in with the final eight points to send it to a sixth frame. From there, the Knicks just couldn’t put it together and it wasn’t long before Trae Young was going to the line putting nails in the coffin.

Valiant effort but ultimately losing in the second game of a back to back. What can ya do? Nice little four game win streak when it’s all said and done. Full recap from the Professor is on the horizon so just sit tight.