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Knicks Gaming cashes in high picks at NBA2K League Draft

Knicks Gaming aims to return to championship glory after enduring a down season in NBA2K19.

Even though the NBA2K League just turned three-years-old, it already has its own set of precedence for each founding team;, especially Knicks Gaming. The youngest member of the New York Knicks family holds the historical precedence of being the 2K League’s first world champion, two years ago, and after enduring some struggles last season, they took the first steps towards regaining their championship glory.

Last Saturday night the NBA2K League held its third annual Draft in advance of its new season this spring. Inside Terminal 5 in midtown-Manhattan, there were a bunch of draft hopefuls, fans, and celebrities who were united over their love for NBA2K. But when it came down to it, the business had to be handled and Knicks Gaming was among the first teams to handle it.

With their first pick at No. 2 overall, Knicks Gaming selected Chris “Duck” Charles. Duck, who is actually a Brooklyn, NY, native, is widely praised for his demeanor, leadership skills, and ability to fulfill a critical position in the NBA2K League at point guard. I personally had the chance to speak with “Duck” before and after his draft selection to the Knicks and he constantly expressed the need to be “composed and dynamic while playing on the floor.”

Such traits in the world of online, competitive play in NBA2K are huge and it’s exactly why Knicks Gaming stayed in that lane for the rest of the night.

By having three additional picks inside the top 40, including the No. 15 and No. 36 overall picks from their blockbuster trade of star big man Goofy757 to Grizz Gaming last offseason, Knicks Gaming would select CantGuardRob, BigRim (25th overall), and Niko. When looking closer at those selections, a lot of attention went to the duo of CantGuardRob and BigRiM.

Both Knicks draftees are well-known for their good defense and flexibility to defend multiple defenders, which means they’ll be called upon to lead on that side of the floor. If that does happen, then it’s a matter of Duck quickly finding success and jelling with OriginialMalik, who was the Knicks Gaming’ leading scorer last season at 18 PPG.