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Game Preview: Knicks @ Wizards, 3/10/2020

No laughing and giggling.

Oh, bro. What? This junk again? Alright let’s air it out. The Knicks (20-44) play the Wizards (23-40) for like the ninth time this season. Four preseason matches and this is the fifth game of the regular season. Probably only between three and five more meetings between now and the end of the season. Unless they make the playoffs. Journey starts today.

Washington has been blazing teams all year behind the wild exploits of Bradley Beal who even had back to back 50+ point games.

The scoring has been fast and plentiful but the defense has taketh away just as much as their firepower has giveth. New York put Reggie Bullock and Wayne Ellington on the floor together in the fourth quarter of their game against the Pistons. That, not surprisingly, coincided with the run that gave the Knicks their biggest lead of the game and ultimately let them waltz to victory. Maybe there was something to it.

Projected Starters

It’s with great displeasure that I must report, Walt “Clyde” Frazier’s favorite player in the league, Ish Smith, will not be performing for the Wizards tonight. The if-he-only-had-a-jumper team captain will be sidelined with a strung out hamstring. Washington has had plenty of injury woes this year but after being all lumped up, the swelling seems to be going down. Even John Wall has made his way back on the scene and has been practicing with the Capital City Go-Go (best logo and name in the G-League; fact, not opinion). Somewhat newly acquired Jerome Robinson is questionable with an achilles strain.

New York is desperately close to being able to finally shelve this pesky Frank Ntilikina character. Dennis Smith Jr. has finally, relentlessly been upgraded to questionable. I guess this means he’s on the edge of leaving the concussion protocol. Everyone else is healthy. So that means Damyean Dotson is probably out.

Keys & Predictions

Give me $420 on Bobby Portis being overzealous and the Wizards happily exchanging 3’s for 2’s with him. Portis is gonna do everything he can to post up Rui Hachimura and he’ll get just enough done to make it seem like he’s making things happen but mostly his minutes will play even. Then there will be a stretch of two turnovers and missing a bunny while giving up three consecutive triples to Davis Bertans.

Knicks by -6.

Warm Up Music