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(Video)Game Thread: Knicks (Stingy) @ Heat (Alex) - 3/13/20

Gotta fight this boredom somehow

Miami Heat v New York Knicks Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Welcome back to the NBA season! That break sure was brief. The Knicks are going on the road to face the Heat tonight at 7:30ish, wherein I will be mind-controlling the Heat and Stingy will be mind-controlling the Knicks.

This whole coronavirus situation is pretty serious, so we wanted to try doing something silly. So we’re going to pretend that the Knicks are playing tonight and basically do like a podcast but over Twitch on NBA 2K.

It should be noted, I’m a Twitch dunce and don’t even know how to kick people from the stream yet, but if you ask me to use broadcast view I will kick you.

Feel free to comment along here on P&T or in the live comment box above. Root for me (the tank, AKA the Heat) or Stingy (the dreaded Knicks), I don’t care. Just have some fun. We’re gonna try to have some fun, too.

Oh and also. Game will NOT be broadcast on MSG. You CAN post large images and GIFs, who cares. If you manage to find an illegal stream of this, let me know, that would be flattering. You still CAN’T be mean to each other. That is all.