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REPORT: MSG paying arena workers during coronavirus shutdown

It’s the right move.

St. John’s v Creighton Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The NBA (and pretty much every other sports league worldwide) is shut down for the foreseeable future, and one of the biggest stories regarding the league right now is who if anyone is going to take care of the arena employees who can no longer work the games.

Several players and teams have already gotten out in front on this issue, pledging money to the affected workers. And now it appears that MSG is planning to do so as well.

MSG owns the Knicks and Rangers, as well as Radio City Music Hall and several other large venues that have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Obviously, this is the right thing to do. James Dolan has almost unlimited funds at his disposal, so he can afford this. He could also use the PR boost after two decades of alienating just about everybody on the planet.

We’ll keep you informed if any further news develops.