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Calling all March P&T mailbag questions!

No need for social distance on social media, friends

Ten months ago I lost my full-time teaching job. Seven months ago I stopped teaching in-person. Three months ago I stopped teaching, period. I thought I was cool with it. I thought “Think of all the time there is to write! Nothing stopping you from getting that bestseller off and running. This is all really a blessing in disguise.” Plus I still had the Knicks to watch and write about. Then along came coronavirus.

This post is as much a request for help with self-care as it is a mailbag invite. What do you wanna talk about? No, really — WHATEVER you wanna talk about, please do! I’m not a “stick to sports” kinda gal, so feel free to bring up anything. Incredulous at jerk-offs gathering in large groups, acting like a global pandemic that marks certain populations for death is somehow an affront to their natural rights? Preach!

Obviously basketball is our shared vice and the Knicks our favorite strain, so as always pitch your questions and hot takes here or on our Twitter page, por favor. I had a dozen recaps scheduled over the next month that are now unlikely to go down, and unlike two nights ago vs. Miami not every opponent lends themselves to a ready-made retro recap. If you have suggestions for games or events from the past you’d like to see covered here, or ideas in general of what you’d like to see as we muddle through this purgatory, do share.

Stay safe. Try to balance self-care and care for your fellow Earthlings. Ignore pretty much anything coming from the White House and look for direction from actual adults in your local area and institutions. We miss you. We’re still out here. I’m really looking forward to re-connecting with y’all.