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Video Game Preview: Hornets @ Knicks, 3/17/2020

Wolfe v Stinge, part two!

Take two! See what I did there? Yea anyway, who cares. We’re still here in pandemic-ville. Social distancing, social media encroaching. In the first 2k replacement game, we struggled to get a consistent connection to the inter land. Thankfully some bugs and kinks have been raided and flattened. Although, if you ask me, the disappointment in our video game gambit, was not roasted aggressively enough. We clearly are bad (meaning good) video game players and you should make us feel the knife edge of your early onset cabin fever.

In the first game, after a Rock-Paper-Scissors match, Wolfie won and chose the Heat, trying to sledgehammer my unfamiliarity with the game mode at hand. Do I sound old yet, you little punk? Speaking of big jerks, Alex electing to try to win with Miami is such a strange way to be a Knick fan, if I may say so. So get your Nintendo Power magazines and your Game Genies out because tonight we’ll also have an announcing crew with us. We’re going hard at staying home!

Projected Starters

In the latest Rock-Paper-Scissor, I won, and chose: the Knicks. After all, I’m not a foolish monster. So Alex will roll out with the Hornets and I hope to murderlize him for it. We weren’t able to set the starting lineups for 2k reasons, so I was not allowed to start our dear, sweet boy Frank. Alex probably wants to start Cody and Caleb Martin because he thinks it’s cool that two different people look so similar. Yea, their twins, Alex. Wtf.

Keys & Predictions

In the first matchup, filthy rotten Alex Wolfe was incapable of having a good internet connection. Watch that happen again as soon as I throw Frank Ntilikina out there to put the god damned CLAMPS on Devonte’ Graham. The Wolfe Man already claimed that his strategy was to run a jillion pick and rolls with Graham and just fire away threes. I welcome this tactic because I think I’ll be able to do just enough to stay above water.

Who knows what I’ll do, it will probably astound you.

Knicks by -2.

Warm Up Music

Where is the inflation on bottle and can deposit? I should be making a quarter on these puppies by now. We may have inherited this injustice but it’s our duty to not push it forward!