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(Video)Game Thread: Knicks vs. Hornets - 3/17/20

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It’s gonna work this time

Things keep getting more and more dire in both the real and basketball worlds, and that’s just no fun at all. So I went ahead and used about half of my day making sure to get this thang up and running so we can hopefully give you guys a fun Twitch chill sesh to watch “the Knicks” play “the Hornets.”

I’ll be raining threes with Devonte’ Graham on the Hornets. Stingy will banish Elfrid Payton to the bench after 22 seconds and play Frank Ntilikina 47 minutes and 38 seconds. We played a demo game earlier and Stingy showed marked improvement from our first time playing, so I’m worried I might catch an L. The tank is ruined!

We’re also gonna have Lames Marceda and maybe some others commentating along with us and calling out my BBIQ the whole time.

Game is starting around 7:30. Please DO post large images and gifs, or feel free to comment along with us in the Twitch chat if you want us to shout you out and talk with you guys. If you can find an illegal stream, share it, I’ll be flattered. But be nice to one another, and absolutely be sensitive about all the pandemic stuff. Life is rough right now, let’s just have some fun together.