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Video Game Preview: Knicks @ Celtics, 3/18/2020

Nintendo Baba

In last night’s affair, the just immeasurably dumb virtual Knicks (controlled by yours truly) sputtered all night and had very odd rotations, getting down by as much as 22 (maybe more, I dunno). They did the exact thing they do in real life. A miraculous fake comeback cutting the gap to 2 points and then mismanaging the clock and their time outs. Running out regulation when they were down, with the ball, they managed to not get off a shot with a chance to win or tie.

A legit Sega Genesis BABA tonight as the Knicks travel to Boston to face the green goblins. What could possibly go wrong? Be sure to tune in to Alex’s Twitch stream and comment along either there or in the game thread, we’ll do everything we can to make sure we answer all your questions and answer to all your complaints. Should have a dedicated broadcast crew tonight. So they’ll help keep us engaged there.

Lastly, it might not seem like it, because we’re just having fun and playing games but we’re doing this to help keep folks engaged and social. Maybe you saw this from Kevin Love today:

The key here is when Love says we may need to socially distance ourselves, but not socially isolate. I know it’s an awfully strange time right now and if you feel like the walls are closing in, we’re here to build some shelter with you. Any amount of levity we can bring seems like one small way we can keep one another positive and sane through these troubles weeks and months ahead. If these games spark enough interest, we may even have another avenue we’re looking into that will connect a few more people and keep us more closely engaged. So stay tuned.

Projected Starters

In today’s Rock-Paper-Scissor, Alex lost yet again and you know I’m not about to be the Celtics, because I’m a loyal friend. So I’m the poor Knicks again and it feels good to have no expectations. Maybe today’s the day the rotations get figured out.

Keys & Predictions

Mr. Wolfe has been saying really nasty things about Twelve Time Tatum and how he intends to drop 60+ with him. So it’s imperative on the Knicks to guard him with all the vigor of the void they represent. Inhale Jayson Tatum and spit out a Mark Tatum. Maybe the size gap and lack of shooting will transpose itself onto the game. Wolfe also is on Twitter basically doing a home run trot before the first pitch is thrown, saying he’ll be using Enes Kanter to solidify my shellacking.

I fear Alex is significantly better than I am, and now he’s also playing with a most imposing squadron. I don’t feel good about this. Nevertheless, go New York, go New York, go!

Knicks by -34.

Warm Up Music

Total anarchy and can’t nobody stop us!