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(Video)Game Thread: Knicks @ Celtics - 3/18/20

Stingy revenge game?

Welcome back to the digital NBA, folks! Alex and Stingy back on your screens, making sure we all have some sort of basketball to keep us sane during this self-quarantine time of life.

Tonight, Stingy and I renew our one-and-a-quarter-ish game rivalry to play out the scheduled Knicks-Celtics game. I lost the coin toss and will be playing as the dreaded Celtics. I’ll have no choice but to drop 50 on Stingy’s dome with either Kemba Walker or Jason Tatum.

We’ll have the one and only James Marceda doing commentary with Shwinnypooh tonight along with Stingy and myself. Feel free to socially involve yourself in the chat while socially distancing at home! We’re gonna try to banter and answer any questions you guys might have for us, Knicks or otherwise.

Y’all know the drill. Post whatever you want. Illegally stream away. Game is starting around 7:30. Just be nice to each other, and join the Twitch chat or comment along here!

(Also, if you miss it live, you can always watch the whole broadcast at the video link above.)