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Game Preview: Knicks vs Rockets, 3/2/2020

These crooks again.

Tonight the Rockets (39-20) come to town like a pack of pocket pits bent on shellacking the hackneyed Knicks (18-42). New York finally got a win on Saturday against the Bulls. No small feat for this crew. Normally I’d accept the drubbing and move on. Not this time. This time I saw something so weak, it almost makes me want to support a fare hike. Get a load of this James Harden atrocity:

I’m not sold on the Rockets brand of basketball but I also don’t outright hate it the way lots of cool people do. I’ll throw you a bone though, this terrible swipe is simply unforgivable. Knicks gotta take it to these bums. To avenge the turnstile that was inevitably harmed by this tourist. I wonder if Harden flopped when the turnstile arm resisted his penetration into the bowels of the subway system.

Projected Starters

Last week the Rockets played without Russell Westbrook. Today you should expect him back in the lineup. Great.

The Knicks are still rolling without Dennis Smith Jr. who is in the concussion protocol. Gotta follow proto, mommy. Frank Ntilikina is perpetually tenuous with his groin issue, but he played on Saturday, so that must count for something. Reggie Bullock missed that game against the Bulls because he was feeling sick, hopefully he’s back from that and the Knicks bump everybody up a spot to play small.

Keys & Predictions

Seeing as how the Knicks won’t bump everybody up a spot to play small it’s tough to see a path to victory here. I guess we could call this the Joe Biden game. The Rockets are a feisty bunch of swipers and snipers. With any luck James Harden has utilized his homeless looking beard to great effect in the city and he’s been riding the subway all night from Stillwell Ave to Hillside and 179th. Just freezing and hungry, ill equipped to play an NBA game tonight.

If that happens, the Knicks have a chance. If not, I’d guess they struggle somewhere on a sliding scale between mightily and majorly.

Knicks by -19.

Warm Up Music

Utmost supreme kinging it.