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Video Game Preview: Knicks vs Warriors 3/21/2020

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69th game of the season.

The beatdown goes on. Alex (3-0) has been giving me (0-3) a good thumping so far and it’s been rough. I’ve been the Knicks every game and I don’t think it’s making anyone happy. In fact, I feel like the most hated man in America. The viewing public deserves better than a glitchy drubbing (Heat), a searing fake comeback (Hornets) and a better-team-decided-to-play gut shot (Celtics). I suck at making substitutions so I can barely ever get Frank Ntilikina on the floor, Mitchell Robinson is getting jerked out of the lineup constantly. Meanwhile Bobby Portis and Julius Randle soak up minutes and who knows if Damyean Dotson is gonna play or not. I keep having to put lineups with four zero-defenders and Taj Gibson! It has been hard.

Today’s matchup will have the Knicks heading back home to face the Golden State Warriors. While these teams have similarly terrible real life records this season, the 2k Warriors have some legit star talent and I have a funny feeling Steph Curry has the advantage over Elfrid Payton.

Thanks to everyone who has been tuning in and commenting along on the Twitch stream. It’s been so much fun to be isolated together. To wit, Alex and I have been talking about possibly making a 30-player MyLeague with a fantasy draft and everything. If that’s something you’d be interested in, let me know in the comments. Getting 30 players on the same page might be tough but it looks like we all have some time on our hands (Xbox only for our purposes, sorry).

Projected Starters

Well it looks like Alex finally won the Rock-Paper-Scissor battle. The poor guy was being punished for choosing the Heat when he had the chance. Of course looks can be deceiving. because I won again and, well, dear reader, I’ll be honest with you, I’m just hurting for a win. It is rough playing as the Knicks. Even in this digital simulation, David Fizdale has Frank Ntilikina buried and the rotations are totally wonkdafied. So I went with the Dubs today, what can I say? I need to turn this ship around!

Keys & Predictions

Today is the day. We’ll get a good look at whether Alex has just been slamming a bad team or if indeed, the Knicks just don’t have the video-chops. It’s safe to say the Wolfe man is a little more comfortable with the game. I don’t know what this does to the betting line. Maybe Shwinny can help us out with that. But I’d smash the... uh... the Knicks get buried under. That’s how it works, right?

Ultimately I think we’re looking at my basic 2k competence being just enough to squeeze Alex and get my first win. Be that as it may, let’s go Knicks! They need one.

Knicks by -7.

Warm Up Music

If you got a family and you’re quarantined (we are on lock down by the way) get your family band together and cover this song and show me the results. Please and thank you.