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(Video)Game Thread: Knicks (Alex) vs. Warriors (Stingy) - 3/21/20

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Can the Knicks get a W?

Welcome back! First time we’re streaming since Wednesday. That was a long wait between games. Not longer than the real life wait we’re experiencing between real life Knicks games, but still!

Stinky and I are back today to continue our burgeoning 2K rivalry. I smoked him last game with the Boston Celtics. This time, Stinker won the coin toss yet again, but smartly decided against picking the lowly Knicks and went with the Warriors instead. With Steph Curry back, things could get ugly. But I’m turning off automatic substitutions so dastardly digital David Fizdale doesn’t take out my sweet baby Frank. I’m also gonna do 1000 dunks with Mitchell Robinson.

We’re going live around 7:30 again. Feel free to buzz in in the chat. I believe we should have James Marceda and Shwinnypooh back, and maybe some other rabble rousers. If nothing else, you’ll have me and Stingy too. And we’ll all have each other in these isolated times <3.

Post big images, post illegal streams, IDGAF. Just be nice to one another. Let’s keep having some fun.