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The Posting & Toasting Show: Episode 38

COVID-19 and the NBA Draft, baby!


On this week’s episode of the quarantined Posting & Toasting Show, Drew and Shwin are joined by their two favorite people in the whole wide world: Posting & Toasting’s Jonathan “Stingy” Schulman and Prez. The four of them (well, three for the most part) talk about how the inevitable cancelation of the NBA season is going to effect the NBA Draft. No NCAA Tournament for player to go on a run to increase his stock. No private workouts where 7-footers can dominate chairs and con scouts into thinking he’s good. Will more international players enter this draft because of how COVID-19 is messing with the European economy? There was so much discussed in such a sort amount of time. Oh, and Jamal Murray’s “hacked” social media post.

This episode is brought to you by Papi at your local bodega. And don’t forget to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds!