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(Video)Game Thread: Knicks vs. Clippers - 3/23/20

Another loss coming for the Knicks

Y’all know the drill by now. We’re indoors. There’s nada mucho to do. Stingy and I are playing vidja games to pass the time and hopefully give you guys some entertainment.

Tonight, I (thankfully) don’t have to play as the Knicks, a team that I realized last game is insurmountably bad in this game even if you’re pretty decent at 2K. I get to play with the Clips and Paul George, who’s one of my fave dudes to play as in this game. And Mook Morris! (Who I hate playing with in 2K, oh well.)

You guys already know the Knicks. So you should know this prob won’t be pretty.

Tip-off is 7:30ish, maybe more like 7:45 today. Post whatever you want in the game thread. Come through on the Twitch comments if you want to talk along with us. Most of all, have fun.