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Video Game Preview: Knicks vs. Raptors, 3/25/2020

Another murder probly.

No end in sight. The pestilence has pulled the covers up over the bed of nails. We ache and roll onto it like an oak barrel, overused and exhausted. The Knicks face the Raptors tonight. We leave our bodies to ferment as the mind wanders and then travels. Staying home, flattening the curve is only going to become more challenging. Thats why we’re here, hoping to bring some levity your way tonight.

Alex has had one defeat so far and it was the only time he was the Knicks. I promise tonight I will give it everything I’ve got. Because the end is truly nowhere in sight. Festivities should get underway around 7:30.

Projected Starters

The Wolfe won again. I’m starting to think Rock-Paper-Scissor is not the game for me. Alex is rolling with the Raptors tonight. I’m stuck with the lowly Knicks. No end in sight. Pain.

Keys & Predictions

The Raptors are not gonna take this seriously. I can’t say I blame them. Please join the Twitch stream and criticize Alex relentlessly so he is just always distracted and on the defensive. That might help me make the most of the Knicks huge disadvantage. You think Julius Randle is gonna put a stop to Pascal Siakam by himself? Hell nah, man. I need gobs of help. Please. I need the crowd to get loud!

Knicks by -37.

Warm Up Music

All my love to the family, friends and fans of Manu Dibango who passed yesterday in Paris from COVID-19, he was 86. best known for his song Soul Makossa. May his rest provide a new world something super funky. While we’re still here on this blue green marble, we oughta bump it like Manu did.