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Dubious Handles: Julius Randle Lowlights

Welcome to the SpinZone

Houston Rockets v New York Knicks Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Julius Randle is almost certainly the best player of the Knicks. But he’s also one of the most frustrating ones on the team due to his tunnel vision, defense (or lack thereof), and general carelessness. In the preseason roundtable, I noted that Julius Randle would be one of the Knicks’ biggest disappointments, citing “there’s a reason he hasn’t had a bigger role. He’ll be a good player, but he may still prove to be too Randle-y to be the 25-10-5 All-Star some are expecting him to be.” That’s been pretty true.

After seeing it being requested a buncha times, I decided to make a tribute to that Randle-ly behavior. In particular his sweet, sweet spinz. Randle is averaging a career-high three turnovers this year to just 3.2 assists. Here are a bunch of them. Enjoy.