Why Iggy Brazdeikis and Kenny Wooten Can Be Important Pieces for the Knicks Next Season

It seems as if the Westchester Knicks have a better player development staff than the actual New York Knicks. The G-League affiliate of the New York Knicks have helped develop the players on their roster, and it has been seen on social media throughout the season.

With a roster that includes Iggy Brazdeikis, Kenny Wooten, and Lamar Peters, the Westchester Knicks have talent that can translate to the NBA. Just recently, Lamar Peters had a game in which he dished out a franchise record of 19 assist, to go along with his 19 points against the Greensboro Swarm. That right there is impressive. The two players that have really made a name for themselves this season with Westchester would be Brazdeikis and Wooten.

Brazdeikis, who stands at 6 ft 6, is a lefty who can play the 2 or the 3. Brazdeikis has shown his ability to score the basketball at all levels, currently averaging 20 ppg. A left-handed shooter, Brazdeikis has a nice shooting touch, and is able to get his shot off the dribble. Brazdeikis has also shown his ability to drive to the basket and finish with both hands, which is a plus. Brazdeikis has stated that he is actually right handed but shoots with his left hand, just like his fellow Canadian teammate, RJ Barrett. An ambidextrous player, Brazdeikis has finishing with his left or right to his advantage, which makes him a scoring . He has also improved his passing significantly since playing for Michigan last year. Brazdeikis is also a very good rebounder at his position.

Wooten has been a highlight reel throughout the season. The highflyer has made noise for his elite leaping and shot-blocking, which has been all over social media platforms and popular accounts such as the House of Highlights. A 6'9" power forward, Wooten is a lob threat who can jump out the gym. Similar to Knicks center Mitchell Robinson, Wooten has a quick first jump, which makes opposing offenses think twice before getting to the lane. Wooten has also displayed a solid mid-range game. Robinson had kind words to say about Wooten when he received a two-way contract in January. "We play alike, both athletic and block shots. We do a lot of things the same". (Berman) Though Wooten's season is finish due to injury, he has shown what he is capable of doing. With his 3.6 blocks per game this season, it would be nice to see Wooten get some burn next season.

The New York Knicks need to let the young players play and learn through their mistakes if they want to succeed in the future. With the young players they currently have, adding Brazdeikis and Wooten, plus the 2020 draft picks, New York can build something stable and interesting, but in order to do so, they must be committed to the younger pieces.