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Video Game Preview: Knicks @ Grizzlies, 4/1/2020

There’s no basketball tonight. April Fool’s. Ha... ha...?

Oh it’s been a while. So the Knicks (1-7) probably lost their mojo eating too much barbecue and fattening up in Memphis. That’s how it goes. After a spirited come back win in Chicago, it all goes to shit against a more fearsome Grizzlies squad.

So that’s gonna happen later. What you should really be doing is checking out Matt Miranda’s Most Knicksiest Moments Bracket Challenge. The community votes and the majority rules to see who advances. The voting is open on the first part of the bracket now! Plenty more to come. So much good debate to have. Go check it out, and stay tuned.

Projected Starters

In this morning’s Rock-Paper-Scissor match I assumed I would lose because I feel like I am the Knicks deep in my soul. Also, Alex mentioned that after snaring a win against the Bulls, he was done being the Knicks and he’d proved his worth as the dominant player. Fair enough. First we both went rock, then he foolishly chose paper, because paper beats rock. I of course thought a move ahead and chose scissors and cut his hand off. April Fool’s! I didn’t cut his hand off. He did it to himself for being such a bad RPS player.

Keys & Predictions

In real basketball Frank Ntilikina struggles with the swift and explosive guards. It’s not so much about the change of direction but the burst that comes after it. So he can keep Trae Young in check despite his endless changes of direction, he can keep Russell Westbrook in check despite his landslide of perpetual burst. Then you combine the two and you have a Dennis Schroeder type of guy twisting him in knots, getting him in foul trouble.

Alex says today is the day that Frank is getting a triple double. If that happens it will put a lot of pressure on Ja Morant. I might have Memphis switch up their defense to keep Frank in check. Probably won’t have to do that but I might. Ya never know and I won’t divulge. I have pretty much every intention of getting drunk today tho because I found these...

Knicks by N64.

Warm Up Music

While we were away Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version turned 25 years old. This record meant pretty much everything to lil’ me. This and basketball. So I feel lucky to pay tribute to both in one fell swoop as lil’ old me. The anniversary was marked with a re-issue of the album and it unearthed a few gems that almost make more sense in today’s soundscape.

My album This Shits: Got To Stop by Lil’ Old Me coming soon to a desolate record store near you never know who. RIP, Rusty!