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(Video)Game Thread: Knicks @ Grizzlies - 4/1/20

Win streak coming?

Good news guys! The virus is gone, Knicks basketball is back, and we get to see Frank Ntilikina face off against Ja Morant tonight!

April Fool’s! Suckas. Just kidding — we’re all still stuck in our houses, the world is crumbling around us and all we can do is play digital basketball in our homes. Stingy and I are playing for the first time since Saturday night, when I got the Knicks their first post-rona world win against the Bulls in a thrilling comeback.

Now, the Knicks go to face the Grizzlies. If you remember correctly, last time these two teams faced, Elf Payton tried to start a fight with Jae Crowder and James Dolan turned off the Grizzlies’ showers.

We’ll have to see if Stingy comes to my house to personally disconnect my hot water heater after I beat him. He won rock, paper, scissors today and will take the Grizzlies, meaning I’ve missed out on my only chances to play as Zion Williamson or Ja Morant during this exercise. But I’ve got RJ Barrett!

Tonight we’re gonna kick off more like 8 PM, rather than our usual 7:30. Join in on the Twitch chat if you wanna talk along with us and enjoy quarantine together. Most of all, hope you all are staying safe, isolating and sanitizing.