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(Video)Game Thread: ’11-12 Knicks @ ’11-12 Thunder - 4/10/20

We’re almost to the end of the season

If this was real life still, we’d be at the final four games of the Knicks season. We’d all be rejoicing and getting ready for an intriguing offseason.

Instead, here we are still playing the digital basketsports. Stingy and I are back at it again, and continuing with our recent tradition of not subjecting ourselves to playing with the current Knicks in 2K, today we’ll be playing as the 2011-12 Linsanity-era Knicks vs. the “broke them up too soon” Thunder.

I won our rock, paper, scissors matchup today and tried to take the Knicks, but Stingy begged and pleaded to take the Knicks because he wanted to play as Carmelo Anthony, his favorite player of the last 30 years. Who am I to say no?

Join in on the Twitch chat and let’s get weird!