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(Video)Game Thread: All-Time Knicks @ All-Time Raptors - 4/12/20

Time for some Easter magic

Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate! To the rest, happy... 50th day of quarantine?

The Knicks have quite a history with Easter day. Well, one extremely memorable game at least:

Today I’ll get to play as Mr. Easter himself, Carmelo Anthony, and the All-Time Knicks against Stingy and the All-Time Raptors. It should be a blast! Stingy’s gonna be saved the trouble of having to sub in a small-ball lineup, because by default he’s running out a frontcourt of Vince Carter, Kawhi Leonard and Chris Bosh against my Carmelo Anthony, Willis Reed and Patrick Ewing starting frontcourt. This should go well!

We’re kicking off around 5:30 today. Come on through! Join the Twitch chat and let’s have a little Easter gathering.