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(Video)Game Thread: All-Time Knicks @ All-Time Timberwolves - 4/15/20

Wolfe vs. Wolves

New York Knicks v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

We made it! Coronavirus might have (not officially just yet, but really, probably) ended the NBA season, but Stingy and I swooped in and decided to start our careers as Twitch streamers doing the rest of the Knicks games.

The Knicks have gone 4-11 in the 15 games Stingy and I have played, placing them at 25-56 for the season. Where would that land them in the lotto? I don’t know, but probably somewhere where a win by me as the Knicks tonight would blast them from the second-best odds in the lotto to the 10th-best, somehow. So let’s get this win in the Time Hardaway Jr. Memorial 82nd Game of the Season!

Kickoff is about 7:30. Join the Twitch stream and hang out. I think Shwinny is joining. Let’s get weird one more time!