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Knicks to hire Brock Aller

I don’t know either.

Vince Boryla Portrait Photo by NBA Photo Library/NBAE via Getty Images

Big scoops got planted on the cone today when Stefan “Cash” Bondy plopped a big old batch of cream on the quarantine. The Cavaliers Senior Director of Basketball Operations for the past 15 years, Brock Aller (not to be confused with Brock Allen Turner) has been hired to be Leon Rose’s right hand man.

Good stuff in there from Bondy, so go read it if you haven’t. It especially had me going when he included this absolute gem.

Please go here for further reading on why that is so precious. Aller is somewhat of an enigma to the broader NBA community. The blogosphere if you must. Part of the deepest reaches of the entire basketballosphere. He’s there, but you might not know it, or want to find out about it.

Deeper perhaps. It must be easy to hide out underneath the magnetism of LeBron James, the audaciousness of David Griffin, the proposed complexity of Kyrie Irving and the lightning rod of Koby Altman. According to Dan Gilbert, Aller had a hand in all the creative money management that went into the past several iterations of the Cavs. He’s been with the team for so long and he’s been basically unknown the whole time. The Knicks will certainly hold his secrecy in high regard, while he is attacked by your garden variety of ducks.

Needing to tightly manage the margins sounds like a job for someone that is used to cap constraints. Not someone working with a clear sheet but maybe preventative maintenance is the key to longevity.

Nevertheless, my pessimistic self (which ought to get murked) leads me to believe the Knicks could be anticipating a lack of flexibility on the horizon. If so, be wary of the deals that put highly paid, declining, or middling stars on the Knicks’ roster. Truth be told those types of guys aren’t on the team, they’re on the marquee.

Don’t get me wrong, if they do get someone like that, it will be fun at first. The junkies will get their fix, but the dealers will have nothing to push in short order. So they’ll stretch it and step on it a few more times. Lots of draft picks and salary cap space are about to land on the doorstep when quarantine ends. Here’s to hoping the use it wisely.