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Video Game Preview: Knicks vs Timberwolves, 4/3/2020

Things will get rockin’ around 8 today.

I hope you aren’t losing it! Knicks are losing it, they’re 1-8 so far. Even when they play the right way, they got dropped off. If in fact you are losing it, I sincerely hope you’re doing it the right way.

That’s how it should be done, team. Get looney and laugh it out. That’s why tonight’s broadcast will be done entirely in British. Alex even said he’ll do that creepy laugh he was doing like a fackin’ knob. Should be good times.

Projected Starters

Pretty sure the Wolfe man cheated to get this horrendous outcome. I have to be the Knicks again. It’s a travesty. After getting dominated by the tipsy Grizzlies, Alex wants revenge. He doesn’t want the Knicks to do well, he wants to repair his ego! I want the Knicks to win and I can’t explain why they lose when I’m not them. Of course, when you have me as the Knicks, the shit makes sense, innit.

Keys & Predictions

I guess the Knicks will have to figure out a way to put a lid on the Karl-Anthony Towns & D’Angelo Russell duo. Something tells me they will be unstoppable 2k players. Whats it called? Cheat codes. Thankfully the Knicks have a rookie that is two slots better than the Wolves have.

Hey! If Alex is a Wolfe and Minnesota are Timberwolves. Does that mean because Alex is a crook, the Wolves are gonna steal one? I’ll try to protect this bandwagon with viper.

Let me tell just tell you a story about that old snake in the grass.

That’s right! Alex is going to miss and I’m gonna clean the glass with his ass.

Knicks by -1.

Warm Up Music

Times may be tough and your mind might feel like it’s melting. But be wise. Use this time constructively and we gon’ grow like a plant! Meditate.