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(Video)Game Thread: ’98-99 Knicks vs. ’96-97 Heat - 4/5/20


Stingy and I are tired of playing as the current day Knicks. They stink.

So today, we’ve decided to time machine back to the 1990s, a time when the Knicks were actually good. Concerning for me, as the Knicks, is the fact that basically the only good players on this team that 2K could get licenses for are the starters and Marcus Camby, meaning rotations are gonna be a drag. I didn’t check Stingy’s roster, but the same might apply to him.

Either way, this will probably be more fun than watching one of us get slaughtered by the other (spoiler: whoever isn’t the Knicks almost always wins). I’m gonna try to drop a 50 piece with Latrell Sprewell or Allan Houston. Stingy is probably gonna attempt to have PJ Brown slip and fall and break every bone in his body (yes, that’s his own player).

We’re tipping off at about 8 p.m. Sign up for the Twitch chat above and let’s chill! I think Shwinny is joining us tonight for some cantankerous conversation. Keep staying safe everyone, and wash your hands!