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Knicks hire Utah’s Walt Perrin as assistant general manager

Looks like a nice-enough chap.

Perrin poses Photo By Kent Horner/NBAE via Getty Images

It appears the Knicks have a kink for executives with monosyllabic first names ending in “t” and last names starting with “Perr.”

Not gonna pretend I’ve ever heard of Perrin. But others have, and the grapevine is a storm abuzz with warm and fuzzies.

Suffice it to say no one has ever accused Perrin of sleeping through a prospect’s workout.

Leon Rose continues to make his first footprints in the snow at Madison Square Garden. This move could raise questions and eyebrows moving forward. Does Perrin’s hiring up the Fahrenheit under Scott Perry’s heinie any? Is Allan Houston’s path to the big desk now blocked? Does Perrin’s history with the Jazz make the Knicks any more likely to pursue a trade for Donovan Mitchell or Rudy Gobert, two of the more bandied-about quarantine-era rumors? Who knows?

What we do know is that this hire, in addition to New York adding Brock Aller from Cleveland, means consecutive acquisitions of highly regarded personnel people from around the league. It’s okay to feel good about that. Go on. Treat yourself.

Wanna know more about Perrin? Check out this interview he did with Ben Anderson, who covers the Jazz for KSL in Utah. Also, SLC Dunk is on the story.

Also, though, it’s 2020, and Google exists, as does NBA Twitter. So I’m sure we’ll all learn a lot about him in the next few weeks.