Three Potential trades for Julius Randle

The New York Knicks are reportedly shopping their star players and are looking for shooting big men in free agency. Julius Randle has not planned out the way the Knicks were hoping for and they were shopping him at the previous trade deadline. Trading for a big men that can shoot might be smarter than signing a big men.

Julius Randle and Reggie bullock for Kevin Love

We know Kevin Love has a bad contract but he has played for a miserable Cleveland Cavaliers team ever since Lebron left the team. Kevin Love is the exact big man shooter the Knicks should want and he does have experience from winning a championship and maybe the Knicks could trade for Chris Paul to pair up with Love.

Julius Randle, Dennis Smith, and Wayne Ellington for Domantas Sabonis

Domantas Sabonis was the star on the Indiana Pacers while Victor Oladipo was injured and he performed great this year and was an All star and the pacers are fifth in the east. Sabonis can shoot good for being 6'11 he is only twenty four years old and is son to one of the European greats Arvydas Sabonis.

Julius Randle for John Collins

Normally the Knicks would give more players to the hawks for this deal but his contract is expiring. Trae Young and John Collins haven't been able to make things happen in Atlanta and he believes he is worthy of a contract extension and the Knicks do have a ton of cap space. John Collins has a lot of upside in him he can shoot well, rebound, drive into the paint, and do monstrous dunks