3 moves to Build A Perfect Off season for the New York Knicks

The New York Knicks have been lackluster during free agency and the trade deadline for a while now. The only move that really caught attention was when they did a blockbuster trade for Carmelo Anthony back in 2011. But maybe things can change this off season with new personnel around their team.

Hire Tom Thibodeau

Thibodeau would provide more defense and he could maybe help resurrect Dennis Smith Jr's career. The Knicks do look familiar to teams Thibodeau has coached. Tom will take advantage of Mitchell Robinson's defense, Moe Harkless defense, Dennis Smiths speed and ability to drive into the paint. This would be the perfect hiring for the Knicks.

Trade for Chris Paul

Chris Paul had a tremendous season for the thunder which the team had a .2 chance of making the playoffs but he changed the odds and put the thunder in playoff contention. Chris Paul might be able to do the same for a Knicks team that didn't even have a chance to make the playoffs last year. Paul would also solve the Knicks empty spot on the team.

Sign Demar Derozan

Demar Derozan would provide more scoring for a team who finished 29th in scoring this year and he is an underrated defender. Derozan could help build a similar Raptors like team back when he played for them and The Raptors finished First a couple of times Derozan was there.