Should the New York Knicks trade for Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid?

This season has been underwhelming for the 76ers after they made it to game 7 with the Raptors last year and the shot Kawhi Leonard hit eliminated them from the playoffs when they were one game away from the conference championship game. Expectations were high for the 76ers to win the eastern conference after acquiring Al Horford, and Josh Richardson in free agency. The one question the sixers never answered was if Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons would fit playing together after last year they showed signs of not really fitting into the offense together. Both are all-stars and have shown that they are great players but they don't work well together.

This year was a great example when they placed 6th in the conference. Everything was going wrong with the sixers. Injuries were happening, Embiid and Simmons couldn't play well together, Al Horford did not fit with the team, and the sixers never could figure out who was their actual leader. The sixers are reportedly going to trade Simmons or Embiid in the off-season and the Knicks should try to pull off a trade for one of them to fill their teams needs.

Why Simmons over Embiid

Simmons is more of a complete player than Embiid. He can score, pass, rebound, and play defense which Embiid is not a better passer or defender than Simmons. Simmons would fill the Knicks worse spot on the team (point guard) and the Knicks don't need to trade for a center because they already have Mitchell Robinson who is a DPOY candidate. The Knicks should focus more on defense than offense and Simmons is an underrated defender and keeping Robinson would be a better move than trading for Embiid who is not that great of a defender.

Why Embiid over Simmons

The Knicks should focus more on their bigger need and that's scoring. The Knicks did not have one player average 20 or more points per game and Embiid would do that more than Simmons because Simmons is unsure with his shooting and he does not score as much as Joel. Joel Embiid is the best scoring center in the league and the Knicks don't show trust in Mitchell Robinson for the limited minutes he plays. Robinson is not the best at scoring compared to Joel and Joel can be an underrated rebounder.