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Undesirable Knicks organization to interview several potential coaches

Leon Rose must be crazy for even trying this stunt.

Dallas Mavericks v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Mark Sobhani/NBAE via Getty Images

There was a splattering of potential coaches sprayed onto the twitter bowl this evening. Those sick Knicks were hovering over day’s events as usual! Despite New York keeping the beat reporters in shackles, everyone seemed to have a different name they were able to shake loose. While many will rush to judgement, it seems that Leon Rose will investigate as many as ten different coaching avenues before making a decision.

It all started with Shams Charania professionally, simply, gentlemanly announcing that former Spurs and current Sixers assistant, Ime Udoka (once a Knick, once again a Knick?) would be interviewed for the position. Udoka also assisted for Team USA.

This was quickly followed by angry Adrian Wojnarowski waddling in and lofting a flash bang into the crowd, proffering that Magic assistant Pat Delany, not Pat Delaney, would get a similar shot as the plot became viscous.

From there we started to hear all sorts of wild rumors as swell Shams’ pal, Mike Vorkunov, started what is officially a dog pile for the head coaching job of a team that is summarily hated by the entire NBA community at large.

No matter how many coaches you interview, there will never be a player that desires to play for this suckfest organization. RJ Barrett doesn’t want to be here! LaMelo Ball has been rumored to be steering himself to Charlotte.

There ya have it, another candidate from the Spurs coaching tree, former Liberty, Becky Hammon. What are these awful Knicks after, coaching pedigree with a connection to the area? Anyway, add those four to the current unknown-knowns, Mike Woodson, Kenny Atkinson, Tom Thibodeau and incumbent interim head coach, Mike Miller. Plus the known-unknowns Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson (we don’t futz wit this dope), Jason Kidd and some others.

Hey maybe they’ll have a coach before the season restarts without them in Orlando.