Four trade packages for Kevin Knox

There has recently been Rumors that the president of basketball association of the Knicks (Leon Rose) is not sold on to Kevin Knox. This season has been a good example because he has only played very few minutes per game, and his shooting numbers have significantly decreased. Knox was the former 9th overall pick the Knicks selected back in 2018. Kevin's first year was solid averaging 12 points and being a starter. The Knicks are open to trading Knox after Leon Rose not showing confidence with him.

Kevin Knox and Wayne Ellington for Danny Green

Danny Green would solve the teams problem with their three point shooting percentage where the Knicks ranked 27th. Green can also be an underrated defender and he has two NBA finals rings to speak for that. Green would fit tremendous if the Knicks were to trade or sign a top tier player.

Kevin Knox for Mo Bamba

Mo Bamba will finally have the chance to be a starting center for the Knicks with the lack of depth at the position. Kevin Knox and Mo Bamba are both in similar situations with both of them not getting to start for their team and them being hyped up prospects. Mo Bamba has had comparisons to the reigning the defensive player of the year Rudy Gobert. If Mo Bamba can live up to the hype he will be an underrated steal the Knicks got.

Kevin Knox for Sekou Doumbouya

Sekou showed promise during when Blake Griffin was out for the season. Sekou was not as big of a prospect than Kevin Knox was, but he has definitely shown promise to be a rising star. In his first game as a starter, Sekou had a career high 24 points against the Boston Celtics. Sekou would be a good replacement for Maurice Harkless if he left in free agency.

Kevin Knox for Donte Divincenzo

Donte is exactly like Danny Green, They both are solid defenders, and they can shoot three pointers great. Divincenzo might even be a better option than Danny green because he is more younger than an aging Danny Green. Divincenzo would fix the Knicks problem with Point Guard, and three point shooting too.