Three trades the Knicks can do to get Victor Oladipo

The New York Knicks are reportedly interested in the Indiana Pacers shooting guard, Victor Oladipo. Recently, Victor Oladipo felt disgusted with the contract extension the Pacers recently offered him. Oladipo wants to be the star of a team and things are showing he might not be after his gruesome injury last year. Domantas Sabonis has been a surprise to many people when he was an all star this year, and he surprisingly put the Pacers in the fourth seeded eastern conference without Victor Oladipo. If Oladipo were to be traded to the Knicks, he would likely have the opportunity to be the star of the team, and Knicks fans would finally get to be excited to land the 2x NBA all star. The Knicks will only show more interest in Oladipo if he plays good in the upcoming playoffs.

Victor Oladipo for Julius Randle

The Knicks finally in a trade get rid of Julius Randle who did not provide much to the Knicks this year.

Victor Oladipo for Wayne Ellington, Dennis Smith Jr., Kevin Knox, and Mitchell Robinson

The Knicks in this trade would help get rid of two underachieving players (Kevin Knox, Dennis Smith) and a bad contract with Wayne Ellington.

Victor Oladipo and Malcolm Brogdon for Julius Randle, Kevin Knox, Dennis Smith, and Mitchell Robinson

The Knicks will solve two of their most struggling needs in this trade by getting a solid point guard, and a great shooting guard.