Ranking the 10 Knicks Head Coach Candidates

The New York Knicks were not invited to the twenty two team format the NBA plans to start in July. This puts the Knicks in potential rebuilding mode and the first question they need to answer is who will be their coach in the 2020-2021 season? They hired David Fizdale back in 2018 which turned out be a short painful stint. The Knicks thought Fizdale would bring them to the promise land with his two championships with the Miami Heat. Leon Rose has been paying attention mostly to assistant head coaches who have championships on their resume. Rose might take a different direction when hiring a head coach who looked good on paper with the right stars and bad with a dysfunctional team around him.

10. Jason Kidd

He may be one of the best point guards of all time but that has not translated to his coaching career. He struggled with the Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets, but he did pretty well with the Lakers being Frank Vogel's assistant head coach. Kidd should not be the Head coach of the Knicks because he had great players with the Lakers and the Knicks are nowhere near as good as the Lakers players.

9. Chris Fleming

Chris Fleming was great in Germany with all his German cups but he has not done great in the NBA. On the Bulls, he is the leading assistant and he has not been great with players he has been given. Some of the players on the Knicks are actually German and that would be kind of cool with the relationships he can have with those players.

8. Mike Miller

Mike Miller was the interim head coach when Fizdale was fired and he performed average. The only reason Miller is , top eight is because he knows the Knicks system. Miller was the g league coach of the year back in 2018, but he does not have a great record with his team and the Knicks are aiming for different personnel.

7. Jamahl Mosley

Mosley does not have any head coaching experience in any level, but he has been a key voice to Rick Carlisle. Mosley has been the assistant head coach for the Mavericks and he has produced ok considering the players he has had over the years. The Mavericks shocked everyone that they made the playoffs after being a lottery team. Mosley would be a hit or miss hiring for a head coach.

6. Mike Woodson

Mike Woodson was the former head coach in 2012-2014 when the Knicks were actually in the playoffs. Woodson has underachieved with the players on his team with the Knicks and Clippers. Woodson has been with the Knicks on a couple of occasions as an assistant, head coach, and player and he has never been a game changer in New York.

5. Will Hardy

Hardy was with the Spurs when they won the championship in 2014. He has no head coaching experience with any team but the g league. Hardy has been able to have the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest head coaches of all time 'Greg Popovich" and he has had the best opportunity to learn from him being his assistant head coach.

4. Pat Delany

Delany helped the Orlando Magic reach the playoffs after their playoff drought when the Dwight Howard era ended. The Knicks need to aim for head coaches that win with whatever players on the team and Delany is the perfect fit for that area of need. Their is concerns about him not being a good head coach when really Steve Clifford led the team to the playoffs.

3. Ime Udoka

Udoka is currently the sixers head coach and he has had up and down years with them. He was close to making the NBA finals a few years back when Kawhi Leonard hit the game winning shot against his team. Ime Udoka was the assistant head coach when the spurs won the finals in 2014. Udoka was never the head coach, but his assistant head coaching career and when he played back then speaks that he should be a top three candidate for the Knicks head coaching job.

2. Tom Thibodeau

Tom has been a recognizable head coach in the 2010's when he coached a Bulls team with MVP winner Derrick Rose and Defensive Player of the Year, Joakim Noah. Thibodeau would be a good hiring because he would help build this Knicks team that would have the potential to be like the 2011 Bulls with Dennis Smith Jr's speed, and Mitchell Robinsons defense. The only negative about Thibodeau is he should have made the Minnesota Timberwolves title contenders with Karl Anthony Towns, Jeff Teague, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, and Andrew Wiggins.

1. Kenny Atkinson

Atkinson should be the Knicks next head coach after he revived a terrible Nets team who looked exactly how the Knicks are right now. Atkinson helped revive D'Angelo Russell, and Jarrett Allen's career. The Nets were in playoff contention with Kevin Durant out this season before Atkinson was weirdly fired. Atkinson will give the Knicks another shot at making the playoffs instead of being the laughingstock the Knicks were once compared to the Nets before he came there.