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The Posting & Toasting Show: Episode 60

International Draft Prospects, BABY!


On another marathon mid-week ‘sode, Drew and Shwin are joined by the greatest NBA Draft experts to ever expert: PD Web & Benoit Lelievre. The quirky quartet (well, many Shiwn, PD, & Benoit) discuss in great detail some of the key international prospects in the draft. Do they love Deni? Is Killan Hayes another D’Angelo Russell? Who the hell is Leandro Bolmaro!?!!? All of these questions and more are answered. And after they wrap up on the international prospects, the guy wax poetic about Florida State prospects Devin Vassell and Patrick Williams.

Breonna Taylor’s murders still have not been arrested and charge. Do not allow the news cycles and trending topics to forget about her and all the others.