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Ep. 49 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

The NBA is back. The season for the Knicks is over. Mike Woodson is getting and interview and James Dolan’s silence is deafening.

Hey everyone! New show this week with a lot to get to both on and off the court. Here is the show rundown.

-The NBA is back on July 31! 22 teams will compete for the title. The Knicks will not be one of them. Who else is in and who else is out.

-With the Knicks season officially being over what does that mean for their draft position and their coaching search? Plus, Mike Woodson will get an interview. I speculate on the Knicks motives for giving him an interview and what he could bring to the franchise.

-The George Floyd story dominated headlines over the past week, but we didn’t hear from James Dolan and the silence was deafening. I breakdown the internal email that was sent to MSG employees.

-And much, much more!

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Thank you as always for listening, stay safe and do your part! Have a great week everyone!