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The Knicks’ front office has finished head coach interviews, were reportedly “wowed” by Jason Kidd

Tom Thibodeau remains the favorite, however.

2020 NBA All-Star Game Photo by Tom O’Connor/NBAE via Getty Images

The New York Knicks’ front office has finished interviewing their 11 candidates for the head coach position, according to Marc Berman. The process consisted of two rounds of interviews for each candidate.

The big star of the interview process, per Berman, was former Nets and Bucks coach Jason Kidd, though it probably won’t be enough to dislodge longtime front-runner Tom Thibodeau.

“While sources says Jason Kidd wowed Knicks brass with “a great interview,” it might not be enough to topple Thibodeau, whose relationship with Knicks president Leon Rose and senior vice president William Wesley should prove insurmountable. They repped Thibodeau at Creative Artists Agency.”

Of course Jason Kidd had a good interview: interviewing for coaching jobs is his greatest attribute as a coach. He got the Nets to entrust a veteran team to him as soon as he retired from playing, and he snatched the Bucks job away while he was still technically with the Nets. He helmed a talented Bucks squad to a sub-.500 record over three-and-a-half seasons, and Milwaukee turned into a title contender as soon as kid was swapped out for Mike Budenholzer. Even if you buy the idea that he molded Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Bucks were 23-22 when when Kidd was fired in the midst of his fourth season as head coach.

So Kidd is a smooth-talking charlatan of a head coach. Should that worry us? Absolutely. The Knicks have been conned by smooth-talking charlatans for the better part of the past 20 years. But through it all, the job seems to be Thibodeau’s to lose. Berman doesn’t say whether or not Thibs nailed his interview; only that he has the special relationship with president Leon Rose. Hopefully he interviewed well, though! Hopefully they’re giving him the job for reasons other than “We know this dude.”

We can hope.