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Calling all July P&T mailbag questions!

I don’t know about you, but I’m floundering. The world may not be any better or worse than it’s always been, but it seems louder somehow. It hurts my spirit. The Nazi president* gets worse and worse, an Olympian feat. Significant challenges confront us as individuals and a collective, and the people who don’t care seem to always be the ones in position to do something, yet they do nothing.

And our beloved Knicks are still off-Broadway. There are no games to speak of. The wait for a head coach to be named feels almost as long as the quarantine. We can’t even feen for whichever lottery pick will invariably let us down ‘cuz we’re still a month away from knowing where the Knicks will draft.

The point is, I need your help. I need your mailbag questions.

Ask about the Knicks. The NBA. The bubble. About the past. The present. The future, if your heart is strong, or your mind resigned. Ask about writing. About the culture. About something personal (spoiler: a hot dog both is and is not a sandwich). Whatever you got, ask. It will make a difference in people’s lives. It’ll at least make a difference in mine. I love (some of) you. I miss (all of) you.