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Go to Moe Harkless’ Black Lives Now website

Moe Harkless is an internet angel.

Los Angeles Clippers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

New Yorkers should be proud of native son, Maurice Harkless, who has turned his website into a hub for black-owned businesses and other resources including mental health organizations, wine companies, children’s books, artists and more. The quote at the top of the site says it all “Everything you need to know about supporting Black Lives and Black culture in every aspect of your life.” I admittedly first found out from Ian Begley because Moe doesn’t publicize much on his social media channels despite having a very cute dog.

Newly branded as “Black Lives Now”, the site is easy to navigate and let’s be real here, after the depth of the PTSD we’ll all be experiencing from COVID-19 alone, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make your way to Moe’s website and find the right therapist for you. Can’t bring yourself to go to a therapist? Text one. Are you a queer or trans person of color? Gotta go to Moe’s. Are you any part of the Black community and struggling to come up with productive answers? Yes, yes you are, directly or not, yes you are, and Moe’s got you covered. Or more to the point, maybe Ethel’s Club does. The fact of the matter is, you might not know about Ethel but you do know about Moe, and he’s using his platform as a tributary and life raft that could bring you to some unique and glorious places.

Hopefully he pops this in the voting section soon. As it is, what he provides is a legit compendium of outlets, that could easily expand, for you to help support the group economics and social well being of the black community at large. I’m not an ardent supporter of trickle down economics for the corporate-elite billionaire class, but certainly in a smaller framework it can build up a family, a neighborhood, a town. Let’s say you’re in Hurdle Mills and you need a CPA but want to make sure it’s not some geezer with hair coming out of his ears that can be braided with his eyebrows and nose hairs, go to Even if you’re not feeling the Valbrun Group, just don’t trust Turbo Tax any damn way.

I know what you’re thinking, “But I’m just a Karen or Aaron.” So what! Contemporary art is one of Moe’s favorite subjects. You hate art, you braindead imbecile? I just used his website to find about my new favorite painter. Did I know about Gerald Lovell before I visited, no I did not. Do I want you to buy me this painting of his, yes the fuck I do.

Klinton, 2019
Gerald Lovell

Would I have ever figured this shit out? Possibly not without making a certain amount of effort. But as you can probably imagine, I’m a Lazy Bones Jones. Are you also a Lazy Bones Jones but your heart is about that action? Go to Moe Harkless’ website, get wine drunk, buy art you can’t afford, talk to your therapist about it, then go get involved with the community and eat food together. To quote the great Queens philosopher, Nas Escobar, “Why shoot the breeze about it when you could be about it.”

Black Power is beautiful.