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The Knicks have hired Tom Thibodeau as head coach

Abolish ice, play drop.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Chicago Bulls
Thibs stays makin faces
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Jason Kidd doesn’t have a J anymore. This time though, he doesn’t have a J-O-B. Leon Rose and the Knicks brass reacted pretty swiftly to that staph infected bunion news, hiring Tom Thibodeau to be their new head coach for the next five years!

You have to go back 25 years and 13 head coaches to find anyone who has lasted that long in New York. The guy who did it was Jeff Van Gundy. Coach Thibs was an assistant at that time. Later following JVG to Houston. When he got his first head coaching job with Chicago, he made it five successful years, and most recently with Minnesota he lasted for three. Everyone hates when he plays guys too many minutes. In other words, he will be the first coach to play Mitchell Robinson the required amount of minutes.

In the end, this is no big surprise. Thibodeau has long been rumored to be the front runner. It appears the extensive coaching search turned up no significant returns. Perhaps some lead assistant wizards are coming along with him.

Certainly the Knicks will be flamed for hiring this workaholic. What can ya do? If that old narrative depresses you I suggest reading this fantastic Moe Harkless article. What’s the over/under on Thibs making it to year four?