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P&T August mailbag invite

If ya can’t stand the heat, cool off while thinking of some questions.

v New York Knicks Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

August. Cicadas are singing. Heat waves hang on like ants after a picnic. Coronavirus rages like it’s April all over again (in this stupid country, anyway). The presidential election features the world’s most protected criminal going up against a couple of corrupt cops. Luck remains but a rumor in the realm of the James Dolan-led Knicks, though other MSG nation-states enjoy the occasional drop of providence. As for those Knicks, it’s that time of year where every move they make is grist for the “LOL dumb Knicks always star-hunting messiah free agents” atrocity mill.

So before the Empire kills of the last of the Republic, let’s mailbag. The draft lottery is next Thursday. Wanna talk different positions and what you’d do depending where New York lands? What ritualistic suicide will you engage in if when the Knicks fall rather than rise? Got trades in mind depending what happens with that pick? Maybe free agency tickles your fancy. Maybe you wanna spill some Orlando bubble tea. Maybe Anthony Bonner sticks in your mind for reasons you’ve never quite grasped, and you wanna talk old-school. Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe I can stand alone. Maybe I’m strong as stone. Maybe...

Share your musings in the comments below or over at Posting and Toasting’s Twitter page. Much love, amigos.