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Knicks officially picking 27th in 2020 NBA Draft

That Clippers pick nearly moved up! But then it didn’t.

Los Angeles Clippers v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

When New York traded Marcus Morris to the Clippers for a pick in the first round of this year’s draft, the Knicks didn’t get universally panned. It was kinda weird. Morris was pretty easily the best player on the team. He had unreal shooting numbers that seemed destined to fall down to earth at some point but they just wouldn’t! At one point he missed a stretch of games with a neck injury. When he came back he was still scorching hot. There was even a debate about whether or not the Knicks should hang on to Morris, forgo a future asset and do whatever it takes to retain his services. As opposed to setting the caged bird free, signing him next off season and pretending nothing happened.

The Knicks, however unsurprisingly, were a trash heap of ill-conceived lineups and schemes. It set them up for failure and eventually David Fizdale sat calmly in the ejector seat as the enormous red button labeled “your time in New York” got mashed. For that, the Knicks were universally panned, and all was right with the universe. Lost in the mix, Morris was shooting .439% from deep with the Knicks and just .310 for the Clippers where he isn’t allowed to bleed possessions dry.

So anyway in bubble play, it was possible for the Clippers to really stink it up and the pick could have gone as high as 24. Unfortunately the Clippers ended their bubble by defeating the Thunder and after some of us actually rooted for the Bubble Celtics to overtake the Bubble Clippers, the Bub Celts lost to the previously winless Washington Wizards. I didn’t watch but I assume Gary Payton II had a triple double with 10 steals, 10 blocks and 10... ermmm... rebounds.

But all’s well in Knicksville. This draft is all flatlands and big sky and New York will have three quality selections on the plains. This Wednesday the Draft Lottery will happen and we’ll finally know if the Knicks are able to climb up from sixth. Plus if they want, they’ll be able to sign Marcus Morris all over again when free agency begins. Ya done good in your own special way, Knicks.


There is some small discrepancy over whether the second round pick should be 38 or 39.

If my King, and still your King, Marc Berman says it’s 38, it’s thirty-god-damned-eight. Shut the hell up, Bobby Marks. However! On account of the Wizards practically losing out, they not only pushed the Hornets pick down a notch (to 39), they also bumped the Clippers pick down with their lone win. The Wizards are our enemy, for this we must poach Davis Bertans. Let’s start forging some scimitars.