Thank You Posting and Toasting

I haven't commented or visited Posting and Toasting as much over the last few weeks and months as I have in past. Preparing to leave for school, quarantine, and the general lack of Knicks news pushed this community to the back of my mind.

I have read Posting and Toasting in some capacity since I was in the 7th grade. I first joined and commented when I was 13 years old under the name Dad Melo. Since then Posting and Toasting has been one of the only communities, online or otherwise, with which I have been able to talk about my favorite franchise with.

As a 13 year old with the confidence of anonymity, Posting and Toasting gave me a place to stretch my mental capacity, a place where I was taken seriously (most of the time) by a group of adults, and a group of people who love the Knicks as I do. Without really knowing it, this online basketball blog has shaped my thoughts on politics, opened my mind to different ways of thinking, helped me grow as a person, and has certainly brought me countless hours of joy.

Posting and toasting has never been a place where I've felt small or as if I was on the margins. Even when I first started commenting and when I said how old I was (I think I was like 15 at that point), I felt like a full member of this community.

I am writing this because there are a lot of people and communities that I have been able to thank for being a part of my life and helping me grow. My family obviously, but teachers, coaches, friends, etc as well. Even though I don't actually know anyone on this blog, you have all been a huge part of my life over the last 6 years. I simply wanted to thank the writers, commenters and the entire community here for being so welcoming from the start and for being such a great group of people to communicate with.