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Knicks hire Johnnie Bryant as assistant coach

The current Jazz assistant will finish the bubble with Utah.

Utah v UNLV Men’s Basketball Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Knicks continued carefully filling out Tom Thibodeau’s coaching staff today. There are now two trusted assistants known for their development acumen. First it was Kentucky’s Kenny Payne and now it’s Utah’s skills guru, Johnnie Bryant.

Bryant is still under contract with the Jazz, so he will finish the season with them before taking his affairs to the city what don’t catch no winks. Utah is down 0-1 in their series with the Nuggets, despite Donovan Mitchell dumping in 57 points. It sounds like Bryant will be missed. Maybe they’ll miss Mitchell soon too.

Bryant and Mitchell have developed quite the good working relationship and they have been working together for a while at this point, as Marc Berman noted in this article from 2018.

First it was Walt Perrin from the front office. Now Johnnie Bryant from the sideline. Can they get someone from the court to complete the set? If so that would be a triumvirate. Three powerful figures. A triangle. Always see everything, Toasters.

Whatever happens, I’m not worried. Are you worried?

We said Johnnie Bryant, you said trade. Not saying anything, just sayin!