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Introducing: The Strickland

A new site from some of your old friends from P&T

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you all know about a new thing.

Some of us from P&T, along with some others from Knicks Film School and elsewhere, decided we’d like to try to branch off on our own and start something. That something is The Strickland.

So what exactly is The Strickland? Well, you can read my extra-long intro here, or MMiranda and Prez’s ode to Rod Strickland here for a little insight. But, long story short, a number of us decided that maybe it was time to spread our wings, stretch out, and try to leave the P&T nest in pursuit of something that is our own: a brand new site delivering our own special brand of Knicks coverage.

That’s not to say that there’s any nastiness to this split whatsoever. We still love P&T to death (and, in fact, myself, Miranda and Stingy will all be sticking around and continue writing here). We still love Joe and he still loves us. We have nothing but love and respect for Seth Rosenthal, everything that he built here and the opportunities that he and Joe gave all of us.

But, really, it was a lot of you in the P&T comments that gave us the courage to potentially try this new venture out. Remember back in December, when California passed a law that affected SB Nation’s business model, forcing them to cut ties with a large number of freelancers? Well, Dallas Amico and others of P&T responded to that and gave their thoughts in a post, which in turn was supported by so many of you saying that, if the time ever came, you’d be happy to support us wherever we went. Well, that time has come.

Stingy (our new Creative Director) and I (the new Editor in Chief) spent weeks and weeks designing this new site from the ground up, including doing a ton of from-scratch graphic design work to make the site as vibrant as we could. We’re joined by James Marceda as the Managing Editor, Shwinnypooh as a Staff Writer and host of Pod Strickland, Drew Steele as the Analytics Lead and host of Pod Strickland, MMiranda as the Lead Writer, Prez as the Draft Lead, Jack Huntley as a Staff Writer, Dallas Amico as a Staff Writer and Zach DiLuzio as a Contributor... and that’s just the people from P&T! We’re also lucky enough to have Jonathan Macri on as a Columnist, Jeremy Cohen as a Staff Writer, Jeffrey Bellone (AKA the man behind Knicks Film School) as a Contributor and Theo Sands as a Draft Writer. And if you’ve enjoyed P&T’s presence on Twitter, you’ll be happy to know that Bootum and Fredo are coming along as well.

We’re really excited to start this new chapter, and we really hope all of you will come along for the ride with us. We spent a lot of time testing comment systems, and we settled on Disqus to offer you the closest thing to a P&T commenting experience as possible. Some of how we do things at The Strickland will be similar to P&T, but a lot of it will be entirely different, and we hope that you come on over to check the site out and let us know what you think.

In short, long live P&T, and long live The Strickland. We can’t wait to embark on this journey with all of you. And, as always, go the Knicks!